Sword Dancer was officially opened on March 14th, 2008. Hugue to me was one of the more intriguing characters within the Trinity Blood series, probably because of the mystery surrounding him and definitely because of his skills as an AX member.

Sword Dancer is Hugue's code name as an AX member within the series so it seemed befitting for the site's title.

Hugue is the sole survivor of the Watteau family and is driven by the desire to avenge his clan after the large scale attack on his hometown by vampires. The only survivor of his family's murder aside from himself, is his sister Anais (or Ana), but she is missing and presumed to have been taken away by the murderers. Despite his position in the AX, Hugue will often defy orders and search for his little sister as well as his family's murderer. With his independent nature, he frequently leaves AX at a whim to track down vampires. Hugue, whose code name is Sword Dancer, wields a blade-staff and has artificial arms that enhance his speed and strength, enabling him to easily match the average vampire in a fight. His analytical skills are far beyond that of the average human, allowing him to kill a vampire without wasting a single movement -Wikipedia

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